Why do we do donations?

I think it’s time for a debrief from our last trip we took to Tecate, Mexico. We usually go and help others and return, it’s just a one day trip. I think there’s a disconnect from what we do and patients understanding what they’re contributing to. So let’s start off by how our patients contribute to our quarterly trips. First, whenever a patient purchases glasses from us, that allows us to donate an eye exam, frames and lenses to someone who needs it. That helps pay for our transportation expenses […]


Our new frame line

Ultem. What is Ultem? It’s also known as Polyetherimide. It’s a material used in frames that’s unmatched in durability, flexibility and strength. Just look at this picture: Imagine the possibilities! You won’t have to get frustrated when your child breaks their glasses again because they accidentally stepped on it, when you have a newborn who’s┬áconstantly grabbing them off your face, you won’t have to get stressed, and lastly that dreaded nose pad mark will be no more. I personally have tried all different types of frames from low to a […]


Introducing our newest member of our team!

Our newest instrument, Centervue DRS can take an advanced digital retinal photograph. By taking a digital fundus photo image of the back portion of the eye (the retina), Drs. Cho and Wong can detect and monitor ocular health. Here are some benefits of getting your retina photographed at your next exam: It will be a baseline measurement for future comparison. There have been so many times where the Doctors have wished that they could’ve seen a picture of a patient’s eyes when they were younger to compare to make see […]


Acuvue Define Contact Lenses

We are one of the first offices in Southern California to have the Acuvue Define Contact lenses to try out! We are very excited because we’ve had patients trying to purchase contact lenses that would make their eyes look prettier without the use of colored contact lenses. Acuvue Define lenses are perfect for anyone that wants a subtly different eye look…it basically makes your eyes pop without anything dramatic. These types of lenses have been made popular in Asia by Asian celebrities, however, now it is FDA-approved and ready for […]

1-day acuvue define demo

Circle Lenses – US Launch

For those of you that are interested in circle lenses and have been purchasing them online because you weren’t able to find any optometry office that could sell them…you might finally able to. Vistakon (who is owned by Johnson & Johnson) has recently launched a small batch of 1-Day Acuvue Define brand contact lenses in the US. They were trying to take a hold of the market that were purchasing not FDA-approved “circle lenses” online and that were not proven to be safe for the eyes. The 1-Day Acuvue Define […]