Why do we do donations?

I think it’s time for a debrief from our last trip we took to Tecate, Mexico.

We usually go and help others and return, it’s just a one day trip. I think there’s a disconnect from what we do and patients understanding what they’re contributing to.

So let’s start off by how our patients contribute to our quarterly trips. First, whenever a patient purchases glasses from us, that allows us to donate an eye exam, frames and lenses to someone who needs it. That helps pay for our transportation expenses and material costs. None of the people who go are paid.. they are just volunteers helping others because they love to.

So this past trip we saw over 90 patients and are in the process of making 75+ glasses. That is really amazing to me because of the impact we are having on people that would otherwise not have had any access to clearer vision. The patients we see in each trip varies but one constant factor is that everyone who is prescribed with glasses has a much better quality of life because of it.

I’ve personally seen a lot of adults who couldn’t do work because of their poor vision, children who couldn’t do well in school because of their inability to make out words, and seniors who had very limited options of spending their time because they could not see up close to read or see what they were doing.

These kinds of stories constantly reinforce that we are making a difference in people’s lives and I want to thank all of our wonderful patients who are so great and are helping us further our cause.

We are currently looking to work more locally (although we will definitely be back to Mexico not only for the patients but the delicious churros and tacos!) to help those that just need clearer vision to help them get back on their feet and will keep you posted.

With all that said, none of this would be possible without our great patients so thank you for helping us help others.


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