Our new frame line


What is Ultem?

It’s also known as Polyetherimide. It’s a material used in frames that’s unmatched in durability, flexibility and strength.

Just look at this picture:


Imagine the possibilities! You won’t have to get frustrated when your child breaks their glasses again because they accidentally stepped on it, when you have a newborn who’s┬áconstantly grabbing them off your face, you won’t have to get stressed, and lastly that dreaded nose pad mark will be no more.

I personally have tried all different types of frames from low to a pair that cost $2,000 alone and I can honestly say that these are the most comfortable, stylish frames that don’t sit on my cheeks when I smile.

Blown away.

So next time you’re in, ask about the Ultem frames and test them for yourself.


Dr. Cho

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