Digital Lenses?

digital lenses

Is the 20/20 vision correction you obtain when you wear your glasses not quite satisfying enough? If this is the case, digital lenses may be the right solution for you!

analog-tv1 Samsung-UN32C4000-32-inch-LED-HDTV

Remember the old analog TV? You probably have a HD TV now that makes all the images clearer and crisper. Can you imagine going back to an analog TV? No! That’s similar to the new digital lenses that are available now. Sometimes, higher-order aberrations can affect your vision, even if your prescription eyeglasses are designed to fully correct your vision impairment(s). These aberrations are usually a result of the optical characteristics of your eyes, but can also be caused by the optical limitations of conventional eyeglass lenses.

Fortunately enough, recent advancements in lens development have produced ‘digital’ eyeglass lenses that correct these aberrations, potentially granting you a sharper image over your current eyeglasses. These lenses are also designed to provide sharper vision in various lighting conditions as well as reduce glare for nighttime driving and other night vision tasks.

Many brands of digital eyeglass lenses are currently available, including digital versions of high-index lenses and progressive lenses.

To sum things up, digital lenses help you see better because they are customized to suit your eyes. Everyone’s eyes are different, and digital lenses use precise measurements to accommodate these differences in order to give you the best vision possible.

Regular lenses are fine and will do the job, but what if your vision was even better? Who wouldn’t want that? That’s where digital lenses come into play—crisper, clearer vision personalized for your eyes and face. You’d think it wasn’t possible!

So, the next time you decide to visit your eye doctor for your annual eye health exam, don’t be shy to ask about digital lenses!

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