Progressives and bifocals: Which is the right fit for you?

Ever find yourself having difficulty seeing both near and far? Do you find yourself questioning why your current glasses are not doing the trick? Well look no further because one of these type of lens may be the perfect solution to your issues! Progressive and bifocal lens are special in a sense because they allow you to see in the distance through the top of the lens and close through the bottom of the lens. They enhance your vision so that you no longer have to worry about searching for an angle that allows you to see everything which saves you time as you go about your everyday activities.  However, before you consider which lens are the right fit for you, there are some information that you should be aware of.

First of all, bifocal lens contain two vision correction areas in the top and bottom of the lens. With these lens, you can see approximately up to twenty inches! These lens contain have an  upside-down moon in the bottom of the lens which is known as a D-segment. These glasses also have a distinct line along the reading portion of the lens that separates the two fields of vision. Don’t let this line fool you as these glasses will still be considered stylish eye wear! Before choosing these glasses, bifocals are mostly useful for people who have trouble seeing objects both near and far so if you have this issue then speak to your optometrists today!

For progressive lens, you are not only able to see through the top and bottom portion of the lens, but the middle as well! This intermediate section allows for a field of  vision up to thirty-six inches which is longer than the bifocals! Most importantly, the difference between the two lens are that progressives have no visible lines on the lens along with a mountain-shaped area at the bottom. Lastly, progressives are also commonly prescribed to people with presbyopia which is a reduction in the eye’s ability due to aging. As a person ages, taking care of your eye is important so see your optometrist about whether progressives are the right fit for you!


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