What are Transition Lenses? Why bother?

Transition Lenses, otherwise known as Photochromic lenses, are specialized lenses that darken or lighten depending on their exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. As a result, these lenses will remain clear indoors and will automatically darken when exposed to daylight while outdoors.

With the added benefit of also protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, transition lenses are definitely suited for active types of people bothered with having to switch to prescription sunglasses whenever they step outside.

Today, you can also specify the amount of UV protection you want in your transition lenses to fit your particular needs. For instance, you may buy lenses that are normally clear and will gradually darken; preferable for those who wear glasses. For those who wear sunglasses, there are transition lenses available that are normally tinted and will progressively become darker.

Transition lenses can also be made with a wide variety of materials. Thus, whether you prefer polycarbonate, high-index, plastic, or glass lenses, a transition-based version of your preferred prescription will typically be an available option.

Last but not least, transition lenses are great for kids who tend to spend more time outdoors. Eye experts have often stated that the risk for cataracts and other age-related eye problems is associated with their lifetime exposure to the sun’s UV light, so protecting your children’s eyes early on could pay off gratuitously when they grow up to be adults.

And remember, polycarbonate is the safest lens material for kids, providing up to 10 times the impact resistance of other lens materials!

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